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Air disinfection

We perform air disinfection using an ozone generator. This method is currently considered the most effective. Air disinfection carried out with ozone can destroy up to 99% of bacteria, fungi, viruses, microorganisms, mites, odours, musty smells, unventilated areas and spaces not maintained for longer periods of time. We recommend disinfection of air not only in areas with heavy air, but also in areas where a high degree of cleanliness and sterility is required.

These include cleaning of various medical facilities, doctor’s offices, schools and children's schools, sanitary facilities, receptions, places with higher frequency of movement of people, hotels, restaurants, wellness and fitness centres, but also private homes, houses and flats. Air cleaning is often used by our customers when moving in after tenants, after moving the tenants out, after deep cleaning or after reconstruction and remodelling of an apartment, before moving in, after carpet cleaning, during the cleaning of children's rooms.

Ozone is currently the most effective way of disinfection that also occurs in nature. It is several times stronger than chlorine and other cleaning products. Unlike these detergents, it is ecological and harmless. After the ozonation is completed, ozone is converted back to oxygen, making the process as safe as possible. Ozone reaches all the places which conventional cleaning agents and technologies cannot access. No people, plants or animals can be in the room during air cleaning.

Ozone cleaning is extremely safe as long as proper and professional cleaning procedures are followed. Therefore, leave the air cleaning to professionals. What can we eliminate? - biological odor - chemical odor - animal odor - food / vapor odor - bacteria, mites, microorganisms, viruses - small insects - non-ventilated areas - stale spaces and others… We can restore clean, neutral and healthy air in your rooms. We recommend air disinfection at least once a year in all the spaces. Use the opportunity to improve the quality of air which leads to better and healthier living.

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Wet and dry-cleaning advantages

Color restoration

We restore original look of your carpets, seats, mattresses, leather seats and we bring them original properties.

Removing dirt

We can cope with dirt on upholstered furniture and leather surfaces.

Longer lifetime

By removing dirt and ingrained dust, we can prolong lifetime of your upholstered furniture. The hair on the carpet and fabrics is regenerated.

Fresh smell

Enjoy a pleasant feeling and fresh aroma after a professional wet & dry cleaning.

Removing dust

By deep cleaning of your furniture, we will get rid of all smells whether from dust, sweat, pets, smoking, grease, steam from cooking or unventilated spaces etc.

Removing microbes

Different microbes and mites are often found in seats, mattresses, carpets and chairs. These organisms cause various health problems and allergies.


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