Wet and dry cleaning of office chairs

Published 3.6.1019

Have you ever thought about how much time an average person spends by sitting on a chair in his office? Long used office chairs hide dangerous bacteria, allergens and various types of mites in their fibers. As well as health hazard factors, so as an unpleasant smell in the seat cushions can lead to a negative feeling of employees from their work environment.

It is important that employers in their offices have an appropriate impact on the health, positive thinking and productivity of employees.

Unpleasant blots on chairs have an impact on corporate culture and therefore the office may not look clean and esthetically pleasing. You do not have to buy new office equipment after every contamination, just use your efforts to reach out our SKcleaning company with an interest in cleaning office chairs.

By this way, you can engage your employee’s attention and prove that you care about their health and conditions in which they work.

While wet and dry office chairs cleaning, we use professional technology BOHMAN, KÄRCHER, SANTOEMMA SABRINA together with cleaning solutions, suitable for seats and armrests.

Cleaning of the office chair and its procedure:

  1. Fill water with professional concentrate into the specified tank.
  2. Using a suitable attachment for cleaning and turning on the extraction machine.
  3. Applying the solution to the cleaning surface.
  4. Using a suitable brush to a given surface of the fabric for better suction of unwanted dirt.
  5. Suction of the whole surface of the cleaned area.
  6. Drying of office chairs.
  7. Determining the required drying time.

Carpet cleaning

There is no reason to worry, give your employees higher standard than other employers. Single price for office chair cleaning is 2,40€/ whole – 1,50€ /seat.

We should not forget about the advantage of better results for your business and more positive cooperation, which can only help the company. You can reach us by phone or via online request. SKcleaning team workers are always ready to clean and wash office chairs. We will take care of a propitious outcome, either once or regularly!