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Reliability and trust

Let your space to be cleaned by professionals.


We bring you high standard of service at reasonable prices.


Latest technology and professional cleaning detergents.


Rental of Karcher cleaner

We offer the rental of Karcher cleaner to customers who want to do their wet & dry cleaning on their own. We offer Karcher certified machine with complete accessories including a nozzle for cleaning seats, upholstery, beds, mattresses, pillows, armchairs and tabourets. For carpet cleaning together with extractor, we also deliver a nozzle designed exclusively for carpet cleaning. Rental is open every day of the week. Renting the cleaner is possible for one day, weekend, or a whole week.

Do the wet & dry clean on your own and where you really need it.

Cleaner rental is in Bratislava on Landererova Street No.8

Give your rooms a fresh and clean look of carpets.


Wet and dry-cleaning advantages

Color restoration

We restore original look of your carpets, seats, mattresses, leather seats and we bring them original properties.

Removing dirt

We can cope with dirt on upholstered furniture and leather surfaces.

Longer lifetime

By removing dirt and ingrained dust, we can prolong lifetime of your upholstered furniture. The hair on the carpet and fabrics is regenerated.

Fresh smell

Enjoy a pleasant feeling and fresh aroma after a professional wet & dry cleaning.

Removing dust

By deep cleaning of your furniture, we will get rid of all smells whether from dust, sweat, pets, smoking, grease, steam from cooking or unventilated spaces etc.

Removing microbes

Different microbes and mites are often found in seats, mattresses, carpets and chairs. These organisms cause various health problems and allergies.


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