Wet and dry cleaning of office chairs

Published 3.6.1019

If we want to feel comfortable and perform well at work, clean working environment is essential.

It is necessary to differentiate just “clean” working environment and a real clean environment, which can be not only seen but also smelled. If you are using common cleaning service company, which uses standard cleaning detergents or you have an internal cleaning worker, often you cannot clean bacteria and soil settled in furniture, chairs, armchairs and carpets.

Whether the surfaces are visibly soiled or just stale, they should be maintained. This will extend their lifespan and improve the working environment in terms of health and well-being.

How to extend the lifespan of surfaces and take care of your health?

The most favorable method for upholstered furniture is wet and dry -machine cleaning with the help of an extractor and a professional detergent for this purpose.

What are the steps of professional Wet and dry cleaning?

When choosing a company that will provide you with wet and dry-cleaning services, be careful to choose the right service provider. It is important to maintain all steps regarding wet and dry-cleaning procedures for achieving maximum purity. Our company follows the following procedure.

Wet and dry cleaning of upholstered furniture

  1. In case of heavier contamination, the surface to be cleaned is vacuumed.
  2. The amount of cleaning emulsion is mixed with water in the correct ratio. At the clients request, it is possible to add special fragrance emulsion.
  3. At this point, the mixed emulsion is applied evenly to the cleaned surface with the help of an extractor.
  4. Wet and dry-cleaned surface is brushed. Select the brush hardness according to the surface. For harder materials like carpet and certain seat types, we use a harder brush. On the contrary, for softer surfaces like mattresses we use a softer brush. This procedure releases dirt from the surface.
  5. Vacuuming the dirt is the most important step of the whole cleaning process. If you decide to warm up certain surfaces without an extractor with the help of the partial improvement means, you will unfortunately disperse the dirt rather than destroy it. With professional cleaning, we can remove dirt from the surface using the water suction function.
  6. In case of very heavy contamination points 3-5 repeats.

Wet and dry cleaning of carpet

Carpet’s cleaning is like wet and dry cleaning of upholstered furniture. The difference is only in the brushing process. If the carpet is not very dirty, cleaning is very regular. It is enough to clean the carpet without using brushes.

For more thorough and deeper wet and dry cleaning especially when it is a carpet over 70m2, we use a single-disk floor machine. We choose the right brush hardness and clean the whole carpet together with cleaning emulsion. Afterwards we follow similar steps to the wet and dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, when the dirt is vacuumed from the carpet by using a proper extractor. The result is not only the release of dirt, but also its elimination.

What is the price of wet and dry services?

Here is detailed price list

If you are interested in specific price calculation, we can calculate you non-binding and free of charge calculation. Based on a visit of the premises/ sample photos send by you/ by given number of wet and dry-cleaning furniture.

In the case of a larger number of wet and dry-cleaned surfaces, we also offer various discounts and benefits.

Along with wet and dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, our clients often also use air purification using ozone. Cleaning with this method can destroy up to 99% of bacteria and mites in space. The result is clean air and healthy breathing. More about ozone cleaning